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Good all the way.


Long time customer, keep up the good work.. NOT A BLINKING ROBOT

Would wear again


Started wearing chef pants about 15 years ago and I haven't looked back. Much more comfortable than jeans. I even go hiking in them. They are so versatile; work pants, pajamas, old man pants that can be pulled up to one's nipples. Most importantly, there is plenty of ballroom to ensure proper air circulation. I'd pay twice as much if they came with a built in fan. Anyway, the material used and the cut suit me better than some of the other suppliers. I just wish they would return to offering bolder designs and patterns like they did 15 years ago. Two billion years of subjugation is enough. Free the Mitochondria!



Like these so much, I bought the wrong pattern just to get them sooner. The residents call me Mr. Fancy pants

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