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Good all the way.


Long time customer, keep up the good work.. NOT A BLINKING ROBOT



Fit comfortably



Patterns and quality are not there anymore. Not sure if I will buy again

Changed style


You have changed the styles and even the label. Chef jackets look suspiciously like "Happy Chef". Please bring back old style. The top pocket of this doesn't fit anything! The pants are also changed, feel "cheaper", pockets not as deep, fit differently. Bring back the old uniforms and the old PRINTS! How many people have to complain about the lousy prints???

Chef Pants


As a physician I have been wearing your pants daily in my office for over 20years. I find them better constructed and more style options than scrubs. That being said I have been somewhat disappointed in the progressive retirement of many of your patterns without new patterns to replace them. I understand keeping 30+ patterns in inventory may not be practical but a few new patterns would be appreciated.

Would like to see Pumpkin Pattern back


You had a pumpkin pattern with glow in the dark teeth on the pumkins a few years back. Would be nice to see them back again



Would like to see flying pigs and fish patterns come back

Would wear again


Started wearing chef pants about 15 years ago and I haven't looked back. Much more comfortable than jeans. I even go hiking in them. They are so versatile; work pants, pajamas, old man pants that can be pulled up to one's nipples. Most importantly, there is plenty of ballroom to ensure proper air circulation. I'd pay twice as much if they came with a built in fan. Anyway, the material used and the cut suit me better than some of the other suppliers. I just wish they would return to offering bolder designs and patterns like they did 15 years ago. Two billion years of subjugation is enough. Free the Mitochondria!



the 5x pants are cut to narrow in the calves. The baggy pant's don't have a great pattern selection

Great colors, poor size chart!


I have several pairs of pants from Chefwear and all are very serviceable. I was attracted to the bold colors and images for these pants, and the product I received did not disappoint in that respect. however, instead opt looking at the size of my other pants, I used the size chart on the website and the result was VERY disappointing, The pants were too big in the waist and the legs were too long! My wife shortened the legs, so they are now OK, but the waist will remain bigger than I prefer.

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