- an archive of The Wall Will Fall is an archive of the sites used in the 2012 TV Tropes ARG "The Wall Will Fall".

Note: The archive will shut down on 21st December, 2022.

This date will be exactly 10 years since the original ARG ended. It's been a long run, and as the resident archivist, it hurts to have to stop hosting this archive. However, it's no longer sustainable to keep this archive running.

The archive has been updated with all of the EzBlog sites that were used during the ARG; see the full listing below. I realise this has been done way too late, and I can only apologise for that; I'm sorry.

If you wish to archive these sites yourself, please feel free! And if anybody wishes to take over the running of, please get in touch; I'm @Sophira on Twitter.

And finally, on a personal note: No matter what happens to the archive, I know you're going to continue to be the best tram I've ever had the pleasure to know, and I'll continue being around. <3

Archived Sites

The following sites exist in the archive:

Original nameArchive name (*)
EzBlog sites (made available on 2022-06-02):

(*) This site does not have an appropriate landing page and was only used for deep links.

Other Sites

In addition, some sites were hosted elsewhere and are still available:


Minor changes have been made to some sites in order to preserve the integrity of the archive. For example, it is not possible to log into the archived forum and post content.

In addition, archived material on this server goes through a filter which automatically rewrites links leading to any of the original sites to use the archived sites instead. You should therefore be able to follow links without issue (provided that the linked sites exist in the archive).

On the EzBlog sites, new comments and TrackBacks are disabled by disallowing access to the wp-comments-post.php and wp-trackback.php files. In the same manner, new registrations have also been disabled. also hosts its own active forum, home to the Floating Castle RP and discussions on the TWWF/Echo Chamber mythos.